Car Accident Lawyer in Port St. Lucie, FL

Car Accident Lawyer in Port St. Lucie, FL

According to an NHTSA car crash report, the number one cause of Florida auto accidents is improper or careless driving. This means that if motorists only drove safely and paid more attention to the road, thousands of injuries, deaths, and property damages from car accidents could be prevented. Fortunately, Florida law allows you to claim all damages from an accident caused by a negligent party. We are here to help you through the recovery process by freely evaluating your case and assigning an experienced legal expert to your case.

Why You Need an Auto Accident Lawyer

Advice on Your Legal Options

Insurance policies are nothing more than contracts that detail the responsibilities of an insurer and the insured. However, it can become complicated to decipher the details of such legal documents. Our lawyers know the ins and outs of the insurance industry and will safeguard all of your rights after a vehicle accident. Before doing anything, we will start by explaining your legal options to you to keep you from being exploited by malicious parties.

Collecting Evidence and Proving Liability

To win an accident claim, you must be in a position to show that the accident was a direct cause of another road user’s negligence. However, responsible parties, through their defense lawyers, will attempt to shift blame to you and will make proving liability difficult.

Our auto accident attorneys have the skills and resources to gather the proof and evidence needed to build a strong case for you. Part of this will include:

  • Reconstructing an accident scene.
  • Interviewing witnesses.
  • Obtaining police reports.
  • Gathering any statements from the at-fault motorists that shows them accepting fault.
  • Consulting with health experts to validate the severity of your injuries.
  • Gathering your medical records to build a strong claim.

Determining the Actual Value of Your Damages

A complicated aspect of a car accident claim is identifying the economic value of an injury and ascertaining how much compensation you are entitled to from it. To strengthen your claim and get you the right compensation, our lawyers will engage experts in determining:

  • Current and future medical bills resulting from injuries sustained in the accident
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Bodily injury
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological trauma
  • Loss of service
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Lost income
  • Reduced ability to earn
  • Loss of consortium/companionship
  • Funeral bills in the event of a wrongful death

Insurance Negotiations

Insurers are in the business of maximizing revenue and have highly skilled adjusters who will even deny valid claims. Without experience in insurance negotiations, you will find it very difficult to have your rights served, and you most likely will not get your claim’s full value. An adjuster might even get you to inadvertently issue a statement that could hurt your ability to recover your deserved compensation. Our attorneys have the experience required to handle such parties and will:

  • Help you craft a verbal or written statement that works to your benefit.
  • File an insurance claim on your behalf.
  • Negotiate with insurers on your behalf and get you your deserved compensation.
  • Handle every detail of your claim.

Filing a Lawsuit

If insurance carriers are not willing to offer reasonable compensation, we will not hesitate to seek a settlement in a court of law. This pushes the adjuster to take responsibility and give you a fair settlement even before the case goes that far.

How Much Will Accident Representation Cost?

Our lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that you will not be charged for legal services in the course of representation until your case has been fully resolved and compensation has been awarded. It all starts with a free claim evaluation and consultation.

Why Choose our Car Accident Lawyers in Port St. Lucie, FL?

  1. Free and confidential, non-obligatory consultation.
  2. Available 24/7 to answer all your questions.
  3. All calls are returned promptly.
  4. Excellent communication – We will keep you updated with any progress on your case.
  5. Decades of legal experience.
  6. Customized representation tailored to meet your specific needs.
  7. If you cannot make it to our offices, we will come to you at the accident scene, the hospital, your home, or your office.

Get the Legal Help You Deserve

The lawyer assigned to your case will handle all negotiations with insurance adjusters or the legal team of the at-fault motorist that caused your car accident to get you a full and fair compensation package. You can count on our skills, resources, and aggressiveness to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Tell us about your accident and get the legal aid you need. Start with a free, no-obligation consultation by calling 305-928-2909.