Progressive Car Accident Claims Injury Lawyer In Miami

Progressive Car Accident Claims Injury Lawyer In Miami

Having auto insurance is a requirement for motor vehicle drivers. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, about 32,000 crashes occurred in Florida in 2017. Roughly 60% of these accidents resulted in injuries, while over 200 of them led to a fatality. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) places the cost of the average accident at about $10,000, while the Insurance Information Institute (III) estimates the annual cost of car insurance in Florida to be about $1,255 per year. For the average consumer, the bottom line is clear: insurance provides private citizens with a very important safety net when it comes to vehicular crashes and compensation for damages sustained therein.

Progressive, as one of the leading insurance companies in the United States, deals with thousands of accident claims every year. We can help you if you find yourself dealing with Progressive in any capacity after an accident.

Progressive has built a name for itself in the insurance industry by providing outstanding customer service, wide-ranging coverage, and competitive pricing. Though having car insurance is mandatory, you can never be sure that your insurance provider will always be on your side when you file a claim with them. Insurance providers often target policyholders and minimize compensation claims unjustly due to bottom lines, shareholder interests, and tight budgets that they have to satisfy.

Progressive follows processes typical in the insurance industry when it comes to handling car accident claims. There are many important details you should be aware of if you want to maximize your chances of receiving a full and fair settlement from them. Call us to learn about the intricacies of insurance law and how to deal with Progressive after being involved in an accident that involves Progressive insurance coverage.

How to File a Lawsuit with Progressive

To file a lawsuit with Progressive, you can use their website, your phone, the Progressive smartphone app, or your local Progressive agent to file a claim. Ensure you have the police report on your accident before filing a claim. Follow Progressive’s claims procedure if you were involved in a minor accident that only damaged your car. However, get the opinion of a trusted car repair shop on what it will cost to fix your vehicle.

You should also use the company’s online claims system to check the status of your lawsuit, to view existing documents, upload new documents, navigate other claims options, or to speak with an agent. It’s up to you or your insurance company to file a lawsuit against Progressive if you’re filing a lawsuit against the company as the insurance provider of an at-fault motorist that struck you in a motor accident.

Progressive should pay you for the losses you incur if the crash wasn’t your fault. You can file a lawsuit against Progressive for medical expenses and any crash-related property damage if you were not at fault since Florida is a no-fault state. However, dealing with Progressive can become difficult if significant medical costs are involved in your lawsuit.

In such scenarios, hire a legal expert to evaluate your claim and for help in getting fair compensation for all your damages. Even if you are not liable, you’ll have to pay your deductible if you falter along the way and give up with your claim. This is what many insurance companies hope will happen. We can help you avoid this pitfall and will have a seasoned professional handle your case for you.

Steps to Take After an Accident

Before filing a claim with Progressive, take the following steps to help in being awarded fair compensation for property damages and injuries suffered:

  • Document the extent of your bodily injuries and have all passengers in your vehicle do the same.
  • Injuries involving the neck and back often only show up several days after an accident, so seek medical attention immediately and keep documentation that proves your doctor’s diagnosis of your injuries.
  • Keep the police report documenting the car crash, even if the accident was minor.
  • Call your insurance company and let them know you were involved in an accident.
  • Avoid signing any documents for anyone, especially if you sustained personal injuries.
  • Only sign documents handed to you by the police.

What You Need to File a Claim with Progressive

  • A copy of the police report detailing your accident. You can request a copy by calling the police department
  • Name of the motorist that caused the accident, his/her insurance policy number, and your insurance policy number
  • Evidence of the damage sustained by your car, such as photos of your vehicle after the accident
  • Contact information and names of any passengers that were in your vehicle when the accident occurred, especially if they sustained injuries
  • Documentation of injuries related to the accident, including medical reports and any other follow-up care
  • Contact information of a trusted car repair shop for a damage estimate

Our Lawyers Can Help with Your Progressive Lawsuit

Insurance companies such as Progressive will fight to minimize your claim and to protect their interests and bottom line. Contact us at 305-853-9171 to discuss your claim. If you have a personal injury claim that involves Progressive, we’ll ensure you’re represented fairly.