Drunk Driving Car Accident Lawyer in Homestead, FL

Drunk Driving Car Accident Lawyer in Homestead, FL

DUI cases continue to hike up each year. These drunk driving accidents leave victims with serious injuries, permanent disabilities, and in some unfortunate cases, they end up in fatalities.

Despite the efforts of many states to reduce their leniency when it comes to DUI, the rates have not stopped going up, and according to Florida DMV reports, 4,000 DUI tickets were issued in Miami alone in 2017. The statistics of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles also states that Miami-Dade County had the most cases of drunk driving accidents in the last four years. Another worrying fact is a report stating that every 48 minutes, there is a report of an alcohol-related fatality in the country.

Judging by these numerous cases of drunk driving accidents, it is a wise move to hire a professional Homestead, FL attorney to fight on your behalf to ensure that you do not suffer because of someone else’s irresponsible behavior.

What Help Do We Offer?

When dealing with a drunk driving accident, every single detail is essential in establishing who is at fault, whom to claim compensation from, and how much to claim. Our legal team is highly experienced and will seek compensation and damages from every responsible party allowed by law.

Some of the tasks we perform include:

  1. Identifying potential witnesses and interviewing them exhaustively
  2. Analyzing physical evidence obtained from the crash site
  3. Compiling your medical records to establish the severity of your injuries
  4. Investigating the histories of all the possible liable parties, from the drunk driver to the person who sold the liquor to them, if applicable

After critically looking into all aspects of the case, our team will build a case for damages and file it on your behalf.

Types of Injuries that May Result from Drunk Driving

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Bone fractures
  • Brain and head trauma
  • Bruises
  • Whiplash

Damages You Can Claim

Depending on the injuries you have sustained, we can sue, on your behalf, for personal injury claims or punitive damages. Personal injury claims are categorized into monetary and non-monetary damages.

  • Monetary damages are to compensate for the present and future medical expenses spent on treatment of the injury sustained from the accident, present and future wages lost as a result of the accident, property damage, and any other costs incurred that are directly related to the accident.
  • Non-monetary damages include compensation for pain and suffering caused by the accident, loss of enjoyment and quality of life, emotional trauma, amongst others.
  • Wrongful death claims can be filed when a loved one, i.e. a parent, spouse, or child, dies in an accident. As a blood relative, you have the right to file a lawsuit against all the liable parties for compensation for the pain and grief the accident has subjected you to. Some of the more commonly claimed damages in the case of wrongful death are a loss of consortium, loss of house assistance, loss of care, and funeral costs.
  • Punitive damages are not awarded as often as personal injury damages. The main reason for this is that they are levied to teach a lesson to the party at fault and to use him or her as an example to other drivers. Punitive damages are awarded in cases where the driver was extremely reckless and/or egregious. However, with a professional Homestead, FL accident lawyer by your side, you can rest assured that we will file punitive damages on your behalf as well if your case qualifies for such damages.

Are Drunk Drivers Also Compensated?

Even though the drunk driver might have been the cause of the accident, he or she is still eligible for compensation. Florida is a no-fault state, and therefore, the insurance company of the drunk driver is still obligated to pay for treatment of the injuries sustained by the driver and other damages they may have caused or sustained. However, the compensation given to a drunk driver who has caused an accident is usually much less than that given to a driver who caused an accident but was not drunk.

Drunk driving is a problem that every state in the nation actively fights. However, some drivers are repeat offenders and repeatedly put other road users in danger every time they get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol. If you find yourself having sustained injuries, fighting for your life, or struggling to settle medical bills because of such irresponsible behavior, call our team of Homestead car accident attorneys to help you claim everything you are entitled to.

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