Brain and Head Trauma Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Brain and Head Trauma Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Suffering brain and head traumatic injuries due to the negligence of another person can be very nerve-wracking. Worse, the road to recovery can be long and financially taxing. There is no need to worry, however, as our brain and head trauma lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL have a track record of success in handling such cases.

The Ripple Effect of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head trauma does not only affect a victim mentally and physically; it can affect someone’s entire life, including their finances, earning potential, relationships, and work. People who suffer head trauma often sustain injuries that alter their personalities and cause them to suffer from depression and anger. They may also find it harder than usual to cope with their injuries and lives as a whole in the aftermath of the accident. Someone with a traumatic brain injury can become permanently disabled or no longer be capable of working in the capacity he or she once did. The disability, plus the exorbitant medical bills that result from it, may be more than the family can handle.

The Physical Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Based on government TBI statistics, about 210,000 people in Florida live with brain injuries. About 4,000 deaths in Florida result from traumatic brain injuries and people above 55 years of age are more prone to head injuries due to falls. A relatively small impact on your head will most likely not cause a traumatic brain injury, but severe head injuries can result in:

  • Major brain dysfunction
  • Coma/unconsciousness
  • Long-term memory lapses and behavioral complications
  • Enhanced risk of ailments such Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease

The injury’s location on the brain also affects the symptoms that the victim may have. For example, an injury that occurs on occipital lobe may affect a person’s vision and sense of touch. Should an injury happen on the temporal lobe, however, the injured individual might start having language problems. A victim’s concentration and organization may be distorted if an injury occurs on the frontal lobe.

Signs of Brain and Head Trauma

Not all concussions or trauma are easy to recognize as the signs and symptoms of an accident might not manifest until a later point in time. However, if you note any of the symptoms below after an accident, you should seek medical attention and get the help of our expert Miami brain and head accident lawyers.

  • Head moving rapidly after the initial injury
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Vomiting
  • Memory problems
  • Sensitivity to sound and noise
  • Vision problems
  • Slurred speech
  • Tremors or convulsions
  • Physical signs of injury on the head

Elements of a Brain/Head Injury Lawsuit in Fort Lauderdale

Car accidents, falls, motorcycle accidents, assault, workplace accidents, sports, and medical malpractice are the major causes of brain and head trauma. To file a claim, you must have suffered such trauma due to the negligence of another party. The lawyer we assign to your case will be tasked with proving:

  • Duty of Care – This is a legal responsibility that demands that everyone exercises reasonable care to avoid harming other people. For example, an employer is supposed to maintain healthy working conditions, and a driver is required to drive safely to avoid causing injury to his or her passengers or other users of the road. Similarly, medical professionals have a duty of performing up to medical community standards when they treat patients
  • Breach of Duty – An entity or person can be considered negligent for breaching their duty of care. An example of such a breach is when a doctor carries out an operation in an approach that is not in line with the medical community’s standards
  • Causation – To win a brain injury claim, you must prove that your injury is a direct consequence of the actions of the defendant
  • Damages – To win compensation for brain injuries, you will need to substantiate the economic and non-economic damages they have caused you. Economic damages could be in the form of medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost income, and lost ability to earn. Non-economic claims are in form of loss of consortium, pain and suffering, stress, and anxiety, among others

Seeking Brain and Head Trauma Compensation

You deserve fair compensation for all losses, damages, and expenses resulting from your traumatic head injuries or those of your loved one. Our lawyers will handle all insurance negotiations on your behalf and if your claim goes to court, we will represent you there, as well.

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