Witnesses: Hit and Run Driver Did Doughnuts Prior to Crash

Hit and run accidents are egregious and must be punished. They show cowardice on the part of the driver. People usually flee from accidents because they’re either scared or intoxicated. Here we have an example of the former, as reported by CBS Miami.

A teen on a bicycle was struck by the hit-and-run driver in a Pompano Beach neighborhood. This particular incident had many witnesses. Neighbors in the area saw the car in question doing doughnuts in the middle of an intersection prior to striking the young kid. The injured kid was flung into a parked car before hitting the pavement.

Witnesses say the car stopped for a brief moment, then sped away. The neighbors came out to help the child get to a hospital. He’s recovering from serious injuries but is expected to survive.

They were also able to get a lot of information about the vehicle. Police are now conducting a search.

Irresponsible driving like this puts everyone at risk, but compounding it with hit and run shows a high level of callousness. We hope that the responsible party is caught and the injured child can receive compensation for his injuries.

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