Two Killed In Rollover Accidents

Today we have two stories about fatal rollover crashes. The first comes from Local 10 News. A man from Fort Lauderdale died in a fatal single-vehicle crash on westbound State Road 84 and I-595 West.

Reports from the Florida Highway Patrol said that the SUV drove into a painted gore and crashed into an attenuator head-on. The SUV hit it so hard that it overturned and killed the man at the scene. Officials do not know why the car swerved, but it slowed down rush hour traffic for hours.

The second crash happened in Miramar. WSVN has that story. The wreck happened near County Line Road and South State Road 7 in the wee hours of the morning. When officers arrived on the scene, the car was completely totaled. A witness says they saw the car strike a barrier, then flipped a few times before it came to a halt. The driver was killed at the scene.

Road safety features like barriers and crash attenuators are usually there to prevent a worse accident, but as these cases show you can still become seriously injured or die despite these devices. One major reason for crashing into them is overcorrection. For example, the first crash could have been caused by the driver missing their exit and swerving back across the gore to make it. Watch out for this reaction. It could save your life.