Toyota Major Vehicle Recall

Sultan Al-HajriMore than six million vehicles have been recalled in one of Toyota’s larges recalls in history. This recall involves 27 models including the Corolla, Rav 4, and Highlander. Other vehicles involved in the recall include Yaris Hatchback vehicles, Yaris Sedan vehicles, and Scion xD vehicles, but only of certain year models.

The company reports that the recall is necessary because of a defecting engine starter, and, although they say they are not aware of any crashes or car accidents related to the recalls, two fires have been reported as a result of the defective parts.

Other problems reported include issues with the seat rails, the bracket holding the steering column in place, the motor for the windshield-wipers, and a cable attached to the air-bag module.

Apparently, one problem cited in the company’s reports is that the airbag module in the recalled vehicles is connected to a cable system that could be damaged with the steering is turned all the way. As a result, the airbag could be turned off, meaning it won’t deploy in the event of a crash.

Another problem cited was with the seat adjustment system. The mechanism that locks the seat in a certain position can break from heavy use, meaning the seat may not lock properly along its rail, so the seat could move in the event of a crash, leading to high chance of injury to the driver.

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