Strange Crash Involves Baseball Player

Sean Rodriguez was taking a drive with his wife and two small children.  It was a great weekend day, perfect Miami weather, custom made for an idyllic holiday.  Rodriguez drove his Chevy Suburban mindfully, but it was too late to act when a police cruiser crossed his path.

Rodriguez, an Atlanta Braves baseball player, didn’t react in time and T-boned the cruiser.  The car burst into flames, worrying neighbors.  Meanwhile, Sean’s attention went to taking care of his wife and children who were injured in the vehicle.

The driver of the cruiser, Vincent Foreman, died of his injuries.  He had stolen the cruiser while it was parked at an investigation, trying to escape the inevitability of being homeless on the streets of Miami.  It hadn’t been more than 24 hours since he’d gotten out of jail, and he was facing the idea that he would be homeless and on the streets of Miami.

The baseball player’s wife and children were hospitalized.  There were surgeries, but everyone was stable afterward.  The Braves and other teams have expressed their support for the family involved.

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