Stolen Vehicle Crashes into the Side of a House

Broward Sheriff’s deputies are searching for the suspect who was behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle that crashed into a home Friday morning in Pompano Beach. Deputies responded to the scene of the accident at the home, located at Northwest First Terrace and 21st Avenue.

The vehicle caused major damage to the side of the home. The homeowner was not inside his home at the time of the crash. His 20-year-old son was sleeping inside a back bedroom, but luckily, no one was injured. “It sounded like a bomb. You know, like a small bomb, like a boom! and that’s it,” said a neighbor who heard the crash from his home.

Deputies believe the suspect crashed into the home and fled the scene on foot. “We have not found that suspect yet, and we are asking the public for their help in locating this person,” said BSO spokesperson Gina Carter.

“It’s early in the morning, so you don’t know who’s in the house, what could happen. Anyone could have been in the house, and they got lucky,” said neighbor Eric Desamours.

Desamours said the driver hit his mail box before he crashed into the home. “I heard my little brother screaming, so when I came outside, our mailbox was gone. They ran over our mailbox, and then, when I came outside, and I saw the car inside the house, it was about 7:30 a.m.”

“That’s a great thing. Everybody home. Everybody is safe. Everybody is alive,” said Mike Johnson, who heard the crash.

There is a reasonable expectation that when you are home safe, you won’t be involved in an automobile crash. Thankfully, the driver who is still at large didn’t hurt anyone. When this suspect is finally caught, he or she is likely to face serious consequences legally. That’s just the beginning. The homeowner can collect for any property damages in civil court.

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