Shooting and Crash in Miami Gardens

images (11)A shooting involving the Florida Highway Patrol and a violent crash in Miami Gardens has left one person dead and another person injured.

Authorities indicate that the accident happened at the intersection of NW 175th Street and NW 37th Avenue where a man driving a maroon car was shot in the chest and arm and crashed into silver SUV and hitting a fence before coming to a stop.

After being hit by the other vehicle, the woman who had been driving the SUV said she was feeling alright.  However, a second woman who happened to be standing by the fence at the time of the crash was injured.

The Florida Highway Patrol said that a trooper had been involved in a shooting on the Palmetto Expressway at NW 37th Avenue and that the two incidents are related, however, they have not released a statement as to what prompted the Trooper to fire his weapon.

No names have been released and the incident is still currently under investigation.

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