Rollover on SR826 Northbound

downloadWork offers quite a number of trials and tribulations during the day. There might be the boss that makes you mad or the coworker that doesn’t know what they’re doing, or even the client who just doesn’t agree with you. That’s all part of the normal scheme of things. In most cases, the ride home is the time to decompress, listen to the evening news, and look forward to the rest of the evening with friends, family, or loved ones.

Sometimes, however, it takes a lot longer to get home than usual. That can cause frustration, but that, too, is something that many commuters have to deal with. It was rush hour, near Flagler Street. A rollover crash happened on SR826 northbound. Traffic, unfortunately, came to a stop as the people were being extricated from their vehicles.

The emergency responders were quick on the scene, ready to rescue the crash victims, though no details have been given. This, however, made those who were already on the road late to their dates with relaxation. Fortunately, there were no resulting road rage incidents that occurred as a result.

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