Rollover Accident on I-95, Woman Trapped

miami accidentAs personal injury attorneys, we get to work first hand with people who have been traumatized by accidents of all types. These accidents might be car, truck, bus, or train, but they all have one thing in common: the crews rescuing them from their predicament are phenomenal.

Take the case of a woman who was driving on southbound I-95 at 7:30 one morning. She was doing her best to get to work, but something happened. The road might have shifted, or perhaps she had to turn swiftly to avoid an accident, but she was involved in a rollover accident.

This rollover trapped her inside of her vehicle as well as damaging another car. Emergency crews were fast on the scene, using their personnel to free the lady from her vehicle and get her to the hospital. While the roads were blocked, these folks worked tirelessly to make sure that she was safe.

As the lady was whisked from the scene with non-life threatening injuries, the police and fire departments coordinated the efforts to clean and investigate the scene, professionally and capably.

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