Restaurant Sees its Third Crash Through Windows

download (36)Sometimes, even the most idyllic day can be ransacked into chaos by a simple turn of events.  Picture the scene: people sitting all around at lunchtime enjoying wonderful Cuban cuisine at what can only be considered a landmark in the community.  Spanish bean soup, Cuban bread made the right way, and plantains leaving the kitchen at breakneck speed.

And, as the patrons are sitting around the tables and enjoying their meals, a vehicle comes crashing into the storefront coming just inches away from injuring the patrons.  As a restaurant owner, this is unthinkable, but the owner of this restaurant has seen it before.

“It’s worse than what I thought it was going to be,” says the owner who is trying to sort out exactly what happened in the crash. This Cuban restaurant has had three incidents like this happen in the past, so the owner has seen it before, but he doesn’t have to like it.

The driver who crashed into the Hallandale Beach restaurant claims that they just accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake.  “All of a sudden the car came crashing in and we just got so startled,” say one of the patrons of the restaurant.

We’re thankful that there were no severe injuries in this case, though there was property damage.  How much should the driver pay? That’s one thing for the courts to decide, but we help people in this situation get the best judgment possible. Give us a call if you’ve been injured in a car accident.