Rescuer Reunites with Recovered Victim

download (37)Two people met again after having been introduced through an horrific accident that happened just one year ago.

Adele Azcuy was in an horrific accident that left her critically injured with an open femur fracture and a badly mangled arm.

It was near shift change for Lt. Gustavo Suero. Even before he reached the scene of the accident, he knew because of where it had happened – on Krome Svenue, then it had to be bad.

Adele Azcuy: said that she recalls hearing Suero say, “”Oh, we have an open femur fracture.'”

“I’ve never seen injuries like this with a person completely with it,’ Lt. Suero said. “I’ve never seen a broken arm like that. She had a couple ‘never seens’ in our list.”

As emergency crews attempted to cut Acuy from the wreckage, Lt. Gustavo Suero knew he had one job.  “I put my hand on her and I just started talking to her, ” he said.

For Adele, that touch and the sound of his voice helped her hang on.

Evntually, Adele was freed and she had to be airlifted to an area hospital where she had to go through the very long process toward recovery.

Over the period of a year that Adele spent recovering from injuries that ravaged her body, she could not forget the one person who was beside her and telling her everything would be alright. She was determined reconnect with Lt. Suero if for no other reason than to say, ‘Thank you.’

Lt. Gustavo Suero: “This is rewarding when you see people, when you come back and you see the end result.”

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