Police Officer Dragged During Traffic Stop

A traffic stop last month turned terrifying for an Orlando Police officer who was being dragged while hanging out of the window of a vehicle.

Miami’s CBS Local station recently released a report featuring video from the officer’s body cam as he hung on for his life. According to the arrest report, the motorist reached speeds as high as 60 miles per hour as he attempted to escape being arrested.

The incident occurred on May 9th, shortly after 1:00 a.m. when Officer Sean Murphy with the Orlando Police Department pulled over motorist Zavier Askew. Officer Murphy noticed marijuana residue inside the vehicle and asked Askew how much weed was in the car. Askew denied that there was any marijuana inside the vehicle.

Officer Murphy asked Askew to get out of his vehicle while he conducted a search. At one point, the video shows Askew making a run for it, getting into his vehicle and attempting to evade arrest. Officer Murphy attempts to stop the suspect but is dragged alongside the vehicle, hanging out the window as he struggles with Askew.

Bodycam video footage shows Askew refusing to pull over, even when the officer informed him that he would crash the vehicle if he continued down the dead-end street. Askew did eventually crash his car into a parked vehicle when reaching the end of the street.

Officer Murphy, though his legs were bleeding, placed Askew under arrest with the assistance of other Orlando Police officers responding to the call.

Officials say that Askew is facing the charges of Attempted First Degree Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer, Kidnapping, Felony Evading, and other related charges. Askew was booked into Orange County Jail and is being held without bond while he awaits trial.