Police May Have Been Involved In A Hit-And-Run, Six Officers Suspended

Six officers have been suspended due to their potential involvement with a hit-and-run accident last May. The Miami New Times reports.

Miami’s Internal Affairs division has reason to believe that the suspended officers were chasing a vehicle against regulations before it was involved in the hit-and-run accident.

The speeding vehicle T-boned an SUV, ejecting and killing the driver at the scene. Two others in that vehicle were taken to the hospital in critical condition. By the time the officers arrived, the speeding vehicle was abandoned.

No evidence has been released by the Miami Police Department about their reasons for suspension or how the officers were involved. The police chief did say that there was no video evidence.

Under MPD policy, police are only allowed to chase fleeing violent felony offenders.

If it is true that the city’s police officers had a share of the responsibility in this accident, the city may be facing a lawsuit. City officials sometimes have some form of immunity from lawsuits, but if they break their own rules, then they are much more likely to face consequences.

If you are injured by a city official, speak with a personal injury attorney immediately.  You will need advice to see if you are eligible for compensation.