Pedestrian Accident on Hallandale Beach

As kids, we’re taught to look both ways before we cross the street, as there are cars out there with distracted drivers. Investigators aren’t sure what happened as of yet, but one woman is dead after a Hallandale Beach pedestrian accident, according to WSVN.

Monday was an ordinary day for most, but it’s been forever changed for at least two people. A lady in her 60’s was crossing the street with her shopping cart. She was struck by another driver, and immediately transported to the hospital.  Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

All lanes were shut down for a couple of hours while the wreckage was cleaned up.  The driver of the vehicle that struck the lady was cooperative while being questioned by authorities.

It can truly happen to anyone. Distracted driving accounts for the majority of traffic incidents and those types of accidents are absolutely preventable.

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