Pedestrian on I-95 Killed in Accident

download (16)There are few things more disconcerting than to be in an auto accident.  It’s as if the whole world stops, waiting for you to somehow recover.  There’s a lot to sort out, as everything happens in an instant.

What happens, though, when someone is killed as a result of the accident?  What happens then?  We mourn the loss, to be sure, but do people learn from the incident and move on?  There appears to be crashes in Miami every single day, some of them fatal.

With the craziness that happens on the road every single day, it’s folly to add pedestrians into the mix.  That’s what happened one weekend, a pedestrian was trying to cross I-95, and thought that he could do it with impunity.

There was, however, nothing to shield him from the harsh reality of being hit by a vehicle.  He was trying to cross near the 125th street exit, but a car ended his life.  As a result, I-95 was shut down for several hours while the Florida Highway Patrol cleaned.

Nobody knows why someone was trying to cross I-95.  It’s a difficult road either way, and while it would cut time in going around, it’s definitely not worth a life.

If you or a family member have been injured in a car accident, give us a call.  For those we represent, we will fight tooth and nail for justice.