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Panther to Be Released

Posted: March 16th, 2014 | Categories: In The News

A young, female panther was struck by a car in May of 2013. Still a kitten she suffered injuries to her lungs, ribs as well as a broken leg. Panthers are an endangered species, only an estimated 160 are believed to roam in the southern portion of Florida. The rescued female is believed to now be ready to re-introduce to the wild. While it is very rare for scientists from … Read More »

Tri-Rail Train Hits 18-Wheeler

Posted: March 8th, 2014 | Categories: Car Accident, In The News, Personal Injury

No one ever expects to get into an accident. The very nature of such an event makes it a complete surprise to everyone involved. While insurance is a great thing to have, it doesn’t always pay for everything, which is why it is so important to find an attorney who can get adequate compensation to cover the costs insurance misses. There were major delays in the train schedule in Pompano … Read More »

Woman Hospitalized After Wrong-Way Crash

Posted: March 7th, 2014 | Categories: Car Accident, In The News, Personal Injury

The roads can be a dangerous place, even if you are a good driver. Even disregarding those who drive poorly or recklessly, accidents can just happen. A sudden medical problem, ice on the road, sudden sunlight from behind clouds — a lot of factors can contribute to an accident. None of these negates the fact that accidents cause damage to property and injury to human beings. Both of these require … Read More »

Woman Charged with DUI Manslaughter & Evidence Tampering

Posted: March 3rd, 2014 | Categories: Car Accident, In The News

The scene of an accident can be a chaotic place, leading to panic and severe misjudgments. A good law firm can help people who get into situations that may appear to be over their heads at first glance. A 42-year-old Pampona Beach woman struck and killed a motorcyclist in late February, likely while under the influence of intoxicating substances. She not only left the scene of the crime, but also … Read More »

New ‘Vulnerable Road User’ Law Being Considered

Posted: March 2nd, 2014 | Categories: In The News

Bikers and pedestrians may be getting some extra consideration in Florida law if a new measure on its way through the Florida Legislature passes. Under this new law, those who use the roads and are not driving a car or a truck would receive a new designation — “vulnerable road user”.  This includes not only pedestrians and bicyclists, but skateboarders, horse-drawn carriages and motorcycles as well. The proposed law is … Read More »

Party Bus Rolls in Accident

Posted: February 26th, 2014 | Categories: Car Accident, In The News, Personal Injury

A fun night out on the town ended in tragedy, after a party bus rolled over in a car crash. 5 people were in the bus during the accident, and one young woman was thrown from the vehicle, resulting in her death. 2 other women were taken to the hospital for treatment of their minor injuries. The 22-year-old female who died was found unresponsive at the scene. Paramedics rushed her … Read More »

Unusual Level of Crashes Last Saturday

Posted: February 23rd, 2014 | Categories: Car Accident, In The News

Car accidents are a fact of life, but Saturday, February 22, was an active day in the Miami-Dade Area. 5 people lost their life and 8 others were seriously injured in 4 different incidents. A young child was struck by a car in Miami Gardens around 10:35 am, and was airlifted to Miami Children’s hospital. The 4-year-old lost her fight for life late Saturday night. A crash on the Julia … Read More »

911 Receives 10 Calls about Drunk Driver

Posted: February 19th, 2014 | Categories: Car Accident, In The News

Two young women in Coral Springs are being mourned today, after they were killed in an accident involving a drunk driver. 911 received over 10 calls regarding a driver speeding down the Sawgrass expressway. 3 minutes after the first calls were received, the Florida Highway Patrol reached out to the Coral Springs Police to let them know the driver was headed their way. One minute later, the collision happened. Paramedics, … Read More »

Tamarac Hit and Run Driver Hunted

Posted: February 16th, 2014 | Categories: Car Accident, In The News

Police are still looking for a hit-and-run driver responsible for a fatal crash in Tamarac. The three car accident happened early in the morning near Commercial Boulevard and the Florida Turnpike. Two trucks initially rammed into each other, but one of the drivers left the scene. The other driver left his vehicle to check out the damage and was struck by a passing car. The second car involved stayed to … Read More »

Driver Falls off I-95 Overpass

Posted: February 14th, 2014 | Categories: Car Accident, In The News

A woman has been taken to the hospital after her SUV drove off of an I-95 overpass, flipping onto the street below in Miami on Thursday. Her Ford Explorer SUV drove off the highway and through a guard rail and fell about 15 feet at Northwest 17th Street and 5th Avenue around 7 a.m. The female driver was transported by ambulance to Ryder Trauma Center where she was treated for … Read More »

Bus Driver Sentenced in Rollover Crash

Posted: February 12th, 2014 | Categories: Car Accident, In The News

An appeals court has upheld the convictions of a bus driver in a crash that happened in Virginia that killed four passengers, injured dozens and cast national attention on low-fare carriers operating on the East Coast. Kin Yiu Cheung dozed off as he was driving a Sky Express bus from Greensboro, N.C., to New York City just before dawn on May 30, 2011. The bus was carrying 57 passengers and … Read More »

Two Dead After Dump Truck Crash

Posted: February 8th, 2014 | Categories: Car Accident, In The News

Two people have been killed in an accident that happened when the vehicle they were driving slammed into the back of a dump truck. According to authorities, Damian Toraine Sibblies was driving northbound on Interstate 95 at a high rate of speed along with her passenger, Christina Evelyn-Marie Ramirez. The vehicle slammed into the back of Yoel Camacho’s dump truck. Sibblies and Ramirez were both pronounced dead at the scene … Read More »