No Pass Zones are there for a Reason

download (35)People disobey the law all the time due to drinking and driving, inattention, and simple failure to follow the posted signs.  Sometimes, the results of those actions can end in tragedy, causing pain to friends, family members, and the community.

The reason that no-pass zones are implemented is because drivers do not have an appropriate amount of space in which to stop and react if another car is coming. There are other reasons, but the solid yellow lines are put there for a reason.

Justin was driving a Lexus and, deciding that he would ignore the solid lines on the road, tried to pass another vehicle.  He was unsuccessful, however, and hit a Jeep who was in the oncoming lane.  This misstep, which might have been okay a few minutes later, had tragic consequences.

“It was a severe head-on collision,” says the FHP, “The one thing we can determine is that three lives were lost, and one of the main factors was one of the vehicles was traveling at a high rate of speed.”

Justin was killed, but Justin’s passenger was rushed to the hospital.  The people who were in the Jeep were also killed.  That’s three lives lost for ignoring the yellow lines.

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