Mysterious Circumstances around Injured Tourist

Mysterious Circumstances around Injured TouristDaniel Flynn, twenty nine years old and a resident of Saugus, Mass, is in Broward Health Medical Center unable to breathe on his own. No one is certain as to what has led to this young man’s condition. Numerous 911 calls all reported him either jumping from or being shoved from a moving vehicle on A1A and at least one report says he was struck by a car. One caller who identified himself as a doctor believed that he showed signs of intoxication and head trauma. Flynn’s family suspect some sort of foul play as he left the hotel room he had recently checked into without his cell phone or the keys to his rental car. Also, his debt and credit cards are missing. Fort Lauderdale Police are still attempting to piece together the story of the events leading up to the 911 calls.

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