Motorcyclist Slides Under Vehicle, Killed

A motorcyclist has been killed during the morning commute on Interstate 95 on Wednesday. According to the Florida Highway Patrol report, the accident happened in the northbound lanes of I-95, near 103rd Street. Investigators say that the accident’s sole victim had tried to stop, but was unable to avoid the crash. The cyclist ended up underneath the car directly in front of him. Morning traffic was backed up on the I-95 for several hours. It is believed that the rainy weather created the hazardous conditions that led up to the fatal crash.

The name of the accident victim has not yet been released.

Motorcyclists are in some ways more at risk than other motorists. Motorcycles are smaller and lighter than cars and are in many ways more maneuverable, however, they are unstable and they have the disadvantage of not enclosing the driver and passengers in a box of metal. All of these factors add up to making motorcycle riding riskier than riding in an automobile. Because of this, motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in fatalities or serious injuries than those involving a car. According to a recent statistic put out by the federal government, there were 35 times more deaths from motorcycle accidents per mile travelled than from those from car accidents.

There are other factors such as the lack of visibility to other motorists, exposure to road hazards and severe weather, a lack of a barrier between the rider and the road, and the potential for taking risks on the road that other motorists don’t tend to take, such as excessive speeds or reckless driving.

Determining liability in this case may be difficult. Weather conditions, no matter what kind of vehicle you are driving, can be a potential road hazard. If those responsible for the upkeep of the road were in any way negligible or if the accident was ruled a failure of the equipment, this cyclist’s family could seek compensation for their loss.

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