Motorcyclist Drowns After Waterway Crash

download (37)One of the unique features of many of Miami suburbs is that there is water everywhere. There is no shortage of lakes and other waterways around the area. While wonderful for the tourist season, this fact can occasionally turn tragic. It did for a motorcycle driver who was driving up State Road 84.  It was a rather ordinary day for everyone else, sunny and beautiful, turning a little cold, when a motorcyclist was driving up the ramp into the Northbound turnpike.

Apparently, the driver overestimated the length of time that was needed to merge, hitting the wall and tumbling directly into one of the ubiquitous bodies of water that populate the area.  Unfortunately, that driver also died a little bit after, on the scene.

What could have possibly happened to cause the crash that killed this poor motorcyclist?  Was it engine failure?  Was it a simple matter of looking away?  While we’ll possibly never know, these are the types of questions that a god personal injury lawyer can answer for the family.

If you’ve had a loved one take a tumble into one of metro Miami’s waterways give us a call. We’re trained to get to the truth of the matter, and won’t stop until we do. Your first consultation is free.