Motorcycle Fatality in Ft. Lauderdale

If we pay attention to motorcycle crash statistics, more people are getting injured in motorcycle crashes year over year.  This is according to a study done by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association.  Florida ranks third in motorcycle accidents, right behind Texas and California.

Every time that you’re out on the road in a motorcycle, it’s necessary to wear a helmet. The reason?  “Wearing a helmet reduces your chances of getting killed by 40%” says Jim Hedlund, a researcher with the Safety Association.

Unfortunately, riders are not heeding the advice. Right now, however, Florida law doesn’t require riders to wear helmets.  Riding a motorcycle requires more training and more efforts for visibility.  People are riding their motorcycles year round, which means that there are more chances for accidents, injuries, and fatalities on motorcycles.  It’s always necessary to keep an eye out and make sure that cars and riders can get along on the road.

In Fort Lauderdale, a man from Pompano Beach hit a car with his motorcycle, sustaining injuries that proved to be fatal. The rider, Roberto Novaes, was immediately seen to by authorities and transported to the Broward Health Medical Center.  He was pronounced dead when he reached the hospital.

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