Motorcycle Event Ends In 28 Arrests

The annual Wheels Up, Guns Down event that took place earlier this month on Martin Luther King Day has ended in 28 arrests and several impounded vehicles this year.

CBS Local in Miami reports that the disruptive and illegal event involving motorcyclists from around Miami and the surrounding area had no injuries of bikers, but two police officers were hurt, and there were lots of citations and multiple arrests made.

Part of the problem is dirt bikes, and other off-road vehicles take to the streets of Miami, many of them driving recklessly and impeding other motorists.  Well into the night, authorities were towing away ATVs and dirt bikes and confiscated at least two firearms from participants in the event and 28 arrests were made.

Proponents for the annual ride say that the Wheels Up Guns Down ride is meant to raise awareness against gun violence. One of the riders, Hunter Bellande, is from New Orleans. Because dirt bikes are not allowed on public roads, it was confiscated by law enforcement when he stopped at a gas station in Doral.

“It sucks to get my bike impounded because I wanted to ride, “Bellande told reporters. “But we are going to get it in the morning. It’s all good.”

Bellande also said that he just wanted to ride bikes on the highway in an act of solidarity with the people of Florida. “We aren’t hurting anyone,” he said.

Law agencies in Broward and Dade County warned would-be participants in the annual ride that there would be a crackdown on those who would drive illegal vehicles and drive recklessly.

Trooper Joe Sanchez said in a statement over the weekend, “It’s important for them to know they’re putting their lives in danger, as well as others, and we are committed to making sure that, if we do stop you and we do apprehend you, that you will be arrested and your bike will be seized.”