Mother Killed At Opa-Locka Intersection Protecting Her Son

A mother was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver in Opa-Locka at an intersection.

NBC in Miami’s Julia Bagg reported that the fatal crash happened on Wednesday, January 15th at approximately around 9:45 p.m. at the intersection of Northwest 135th Street and Northwest 30th Avenue.

The family and friends of the woman known as De-de were shocked at how anyone could hit a person and simply drive away.  Those who reporters interviewed after the crash described the woman as being a loving mother and a good person. Some who knew her couldn’t even begin to fathom it or talk about it.

An eyewitness, who was also a friend of the victim, told reporters that she saw De-de and her son exiting an area convenience store. De-de’s friend, Sislynn Brown, said that De-de had gone to the store to get food to feed her kids; but she never made it back.

While De-de was attempting to cross the busy street, Brown said she saw De-de yank her son back, and the car struck her instead, throwing her up in the air and onto the pavement.  The driver left the scene and left De-de for dead.

The police who are investigating the crash don’t have much to go on. Opa-Locka Police Chief James Dobson said that the situation is frustrating and is asking for the public’s help. Chief Dobson encourages anyone who knows anything about the driver or vehicle that hit and killed De-de to contact them.