Miami Officers Rescue Woman from Burning Car

For Miami-Dade police officers responding to an SUV crash, it was just a regular day.  The Kia SUV spun out of control, hurtling toward and smashing into a concrete block wall on a townhouse patio.   The SUV started to burn, raising the stakes for getting 51-year-old Josefa Fernandez out of the driver’s seat.

Officers Ramon Hernandez and John Crawford were already in the area when they got the call.  The officers immediately knew what to do as they saw that the vehicle was catching on fire.  Fast action and great training are credited.

“We saw the vehicle’s dash on fire, and that’s when we took action,” says Officer Hernandez, “We had to pull the driver out of the driver’s seat.”

Others leapt into action once the officers had freed Ms. Fernandez from the car.  A hose was hooked up to extinguish the car fire which had started.  The entirety of the SUV was ruined from the crash, and bits of the concrete wall were everywhere.

Elisa Castellanos, the owner of that brick wall, thought that she was getting pranked.  When she found out that there really was a crashed SUV on her patio, she was very concerned about the condition of the lady who had smashed into it.

The officers on the scene were just very happy to have been protecting and serving.  “We had to act.  It’s either that or the car catches on fire.”

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