Miami Community Still Waiting For Details From Police After Patrol Car Hit Cyclist, Killing Him

A new father, 30 years old, with a personality often described and jovial, gentle, and polite is dead after he was involved in a head-on collision between a cyclist and a Miami-Dade patrol car. Now, over a week later, the cyclist community is still waiting for more details from the police3 regarding this incident, according to this report from Good Word News.

A peloton was in progress on the day of the accident. The victim was part of a group of about 20. They were pedaling south on Southwest 87th Avenue near southwest 232nd Street when a Miami-Dade police car came speeding north on the same street. The police car had its siren blaring and lights on. Cyclists noticed the speeding car coming their way and attempted to get out of the way as much as they could.

As the police car was weaving among the cyclists, still traveling at a high speed, the victim’s front wheel hit the back wheel of another cyclist, causing him to go flying right into the front of the police car. He did not survive this head-on collision.

This man had a wife and a nine-month-old baby girl at home. Friends described him as happy and polite. They also say he was excited to be a new father.