Medical Incident May have caused Crash

Two people are injured after the driver of a pickup truck crashed his vehicle into a business in Deerfield Beach. According to officials, the driver lost control of his vehicle and struck the Discount Concrete Cutting building just before 1:00 p.m.

Police officials believe that the driver may have suffered from a medical issue just prior to the accident. Both the driver and another person who was inside the building at the time of the crash were taken to Broward Health North. Both victims are listed with non-life-threatening injuries.

Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out just who is liable in an accident case. Having a good attorney is important. You need someone who will investigate the possible root cause of an accident and determine who is actually at fault. Other than the negligence of a driver, it can also be quite possible that an accident was caused by an equipment failure, poor road design or any number of other causes.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, or if you own a business owner and your business has suffered damage, having a good attorney on your side is essential. For business owners, just how quickly you can receive compensation for damage sustained to your business will determine just how quickly you are back up and running once again. Cases of this type can take a very long time to settle. Sometimes it can take weeks or even months before a business can return to normal and that can cost you valuable sales and customers.

Your lawyer can make the difference in the type of insurance settlement you receive. Injuries can have high medical costs, ongoing costs for rehabilitation and therapy, a potential loss of time at work, as well as pain and suffering. When you call to meet with one of our attorneys, they will help you find the best resources and courses of action suited to your personal injury case. A meeting with us is absolutely free and without any obligation.