Medical Condition may have cause Bicycle Wreck

download (48)Not all accidents are due to driver negligence. A faulty part or bad road conditions can also cause an accident to happen. A less-common reason is a medical condition disabling a driver on the road. That’s what police say happened in a recent accident in Boynton Beach.

A man was riding a bicycle on Boynton Beach Boulevard. A driver on that road lost control of their vehicle and hit the bicyclist. The bicyclist died at the scene. The accident is still under investigation by the authorities, but they released a statement saying the accident might have been caused by a medical condition. A woman in the car was also taken to the hospital and has since been released.

When a medical condition causes an accident, a driver may still be at fault. Were they not allowed to drive and drove anyway? Was this the first time it happened? Did the driver know about it and never had it check out?

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