Man Shot in Dog Dispute Dies

TombstoneLast week we talked about a story that involved a very cranky neighbor, a shooting, and a dog that pooped in the wrong yard. Sadly, the case has gotten worse. The man who was shot in the dog defecation dispute has died in the hospital, despite multiple surgeries.

The man was walking his dog in the late evening when he was confronted by the neighbor. The neighbor claims he saw a shiny object in the man’s hand and shot him at least twice. A witness said that the man’s wife ran to his side, but the neighbor threatened to shoot her too if she offered any aid.

The shooter was initially charged with attempted second degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Those charges are likely to be upgraded now that the man has died. According to accounts from the neighborhood and police phone records, the shooter was very belligerent and called the police more than 90 times for minor complaints.

In such an egregious case like this, the slain man’s family should go after the man’s assets in a civil case. From all the evidence gathered, it seems that the shooter has been uncivil for a long time. If you have been injured by someone’s heinous actions and you need help covering your expenses, or believe that the person should be punished monetarily for their actions, seek the assistance and advice of a skilled personal injury attorney. If you live in Miami, our lawyers are standing by. Call today.