Man Shot Accidentally By Police Visits Person he was Caretaking

After a confrontation with Miami Police last week, Charles Kinsey finds that he is grateful for the support he has received from across the nation.

Last week, Kinsey had been caring for a 26-year-old autistic man, was shot by police who had received a call that Kinsey’s patient had a gun.   Even though the autistic patient, Arnaldo Rios was not shot in the incident, the young man is still traumatized and has been hospitalized himself.

Cellphone video taken by eyewitnesses to the incident shows Rios sitting cross-legged in a North Miami residential area playing with a toy truck.  The video also shows police training their weapons on the two men.

Kinsey can be seen lying on the pavement on his back, both hands raised in the air, explaining the situation to the law enforcement officers and trying to decelerate the situation.

One of the officers fired a shot at Rios, missing the bullet hit Kinsey in the leg.

Kinsey, an African American man, feels that he did everything he possibly could have to avoid being shot.

Kinsey has filed suit against the city for pain and suffering in the incident as well as compensation for his injuries.  Meanwhile, Rios’ mother said her son was injured the next day in the same spot where the incident took place. She believes that her son has been traumatized.

The incident is still currently under investigation and the officer who shot Kinsey has been placed on administrative leave for the time being.

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