Lacrosse Hero Stops Escaping Suspect

Lacrosse Hero Stops Escaping SuspectSpencer Cohen, twenty-five years old of Boca Raton, was driving a vehicle with an expired registration and when police noticed, he decided to flee. In the process he struck several cars, injured two people and eventually hit a parked car as well as a utility trailer. He then attempted to flee on foot across the new, and as of yet, unveiled lacrosse field at Lynn University. Enter Brandon Rothstein, twenty two years old, a student at the University and lacrosse player. He saw Cohen running across the field attempting to evade police and decided to act. He tackled the man and held him until police arrived.

“I just kind of wrapped him up. His face hit my shoulder, he spun around, he kinda collapsed and I put him in a sleeper hold until the police officer told me to release him,” Rothstein said.

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