Hurricane Winds Slice Airline Worker’s Hand During Storm

Hurricane Maria has left behind unimaginable devastation on the entire island of Puerto Rico. For aircraft maintenance tech Manuel Kianes Riviera, his hands are vitally important for the work that he does for JetBlue.

During the hurricane Riviera had been attempting to secure doors from the strong winds when they were blown open and sliced his index finger, exposing both bone and nerves.

According to CBS Miami, Riviera road out the storm, his hand bleeding for more than 12 hours as his home became flooded and his car was destroyed in the storm. When the storm let up, he made a hike through the devastation to the nearest hospital. When he arrived, he found that it had been shut down due to damage from the hurricane.

Riviera was finally able to reach his employer. His boss instructed him to stay where he was and called him back. Jet Blue’s leadership put Riviera on the soonest available flight to Fort Lauderdale and then on to South Miami Hospital where Dr. Roberto Mikki emergency surgery on Riviera’s hand. Dr. Mikki managed to save both Riviera’s finger but also his arm that he might otherwise have lost from exposure to bacteria for more than three days.

Riviera is not only thankful for the skill of Dr. Mikki but also for the quick and caring action of his employer, JetBlue. “Thank you. You have a friend, “Riviera said, “You did more than healing my wound.”

The human tragedy surrounding a natural disaster can bring out the very best in people and organizations. It is clear that Manuel Riviera works for a company that cares about him as a person and will do whatever it takes to help him.

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