Hunt In Oregon For Egregious Hit-And-Run Driver That Mocked Who He Ran Over

Sheriff’s deputies in Oregon are looking for a man who not only hit and run a bicyclist along the road in Forest Grove but also gave the bicyclist that he struck the finger as he drove away.

CBS Local in Miami reports that David Embree was out enjoying the beautiful day on his bicycle on Saturday, May 11th when the driver of a champagne-colored Mercedes convertible that was driving on the wrong side of the road struck him with one of the vehicle’s side mirrors.

Embree said the impact knocked him to the ground, leaving him with torn clothing and his leg bleeding. Rather than stopping to see if the person he hit was OK, the motorist drove away and flipped him off.

Another motorist managed to capture the entire incident on video and gave the footage to law enforcement. The footage released to the media clearly shows the vehicle being driven on the wrong side of the road. A motorcyclist reported nearly being run off the road by a vehicle matching the same description as the one that hit Embree to sheriff’s deputies on the same day.

Embree said he was shocked but feels fortunate after the incident.

“I can still walk, I’m not in a wheelchair, I’m not in the hospital,” Embree said in an interview with CBS. “I got to see the Blazers beat the Nuggets. Things are pretty good.”

The driver of the Mercedes is described as being a white male, age 60 – 70 wearing a baseball cap with a thick white mustache like that of actor Tom Selleck. The vehicle is described as being a newer, champagne-colored Mercedes convertible.