Hit and Run Driver Fails to Come Forward

spd_klzThe Miami nights are beautiful this time of year, still warm enough to go outside and completely enjoy. A boyfriend and girlfriend were peacefully walking home along 13th Avenue. There are many streets to cross, and when she was crossing something horrific happened.

54th Street will be forever known by one family as the place where Dericka was hit. The car came out of nowhere, hit the girl, and then drove off into the night. Happening in the blink of an eye, one car changed an entire family’s life.

“Boom it was real loud then I looked out she was on the front of the car, then she was going into the air and she fell to the floor,” said the boyfriend.

Dericka is not able to breathe on her own, she’s heavily sedated, and she has multiple broken bones. She’s got the support of her family to make a recovery. “My daughter is going to come out of this. I know she will. I just want the one who did this to come forward,” said the mother.

That’s the issue. Nobody has come forward. The champagne colored SUV most likely has front end damage like a missing bumper, and police are still on the lookout for this alleged perpetrator. Hopefully they will come forward soon.

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