Hit and Run on I-95

Accidents that happen on interstates can get complicated quickly. A busy rush hour can draw many vehicles into the same crash and back up traffic for miles. That’s what happened today on I-95 with a hit and run accident.

It all started with an initial crash with injuries. The accident happened at the 103rd Street exit on the northbound express lanes. A Road Ranger was at the scene assisting the injured with the police showed up. While they were working the scene, a car hit the back of the police cruiser and knocked it into the Road Ranger.

Despite the crash, the driver left his car and fled on foot. The driver is still at large. Luckily, no one was injured in the second crash, but it did lengthen the investigation and the traffic jam.

Hit and run accidents are a pain for police, but they can be a real worry for the injured. How will they get compensation if they don’t have the information of the other insurance company? Or what if they are uninsured? Don’t panic. There are ways to get compensation despite these situations. Call our Miami car accident team today to learn about how you can get the money you need after your car accident. Don’t wait until it’s too late.