Hit-And-Run Driver Hits Woman, Lies To Police And Leaves

According to Florida’s Department of  Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), some 25% of all accidents in our state are hit-and-run crashes. By law, anyone involved in a crash is required to stay at the scene until released by law enforcement.

CBS Local in Miami reported on Monday, March 18th, when a driver going eastbound hit Mercedes Sarmiento, 61.  Sarmiento was crossing the intersection of Southwest 8th Street and 44th.

The driver who hit Sarimento did stop but told police investigators it was a different westbound vehicle that allegedly caused the accident and kept on going.

Mercedes Sarmiento was transported to an area hospital. She died the following morning as a result of the injuries she sustained in the crash. Mercedes’ family has been left devastated by the loss of the one they saw as their matriarch. Many others in the community who looked to her and loved her are also profoundly feeling the loss of a woman that was known for her kindness and love.

One of Sarmiento’s family members, Ophelia Rojas expressed what many of her loved ones are feeling. “Please come forward. Our family is destroyed. We are in pain,” she said.

Anyone with any information about the crash is urged to contact the authorities.