High Schoolers Save Woman’s Life in Accident

Good Samaritans, the bystanders who risk their own skin to save someone’s life, are true heroes. A recent story from CBS Miami talks about a group of four from a local high school who saved the life of a woman after a truck accident.

The four from Central Florida High School saw the accident. A woman and her child were in a crosswalk with a truck coming their way. The truck, for whatever reason, didn’t stop. The woman pushed the child out of the way, but she was struck and was pinned under the wheel.

The driver and some witnesses tried to lift the truck up, but it was far too heavy. That’s when the football players, who were also weightlifters, pitched in. They were able to lift the truck up high enough for the others to extract the woman. While the woman suffered a broken pelvis and bruised ribs, there was miraculously no internal damage.

The woman suffered amnesia from the accident, but after being told the story by her husband she wants to thank the heroes who saved her life.

This is the way an accident story should end. People helping people and saving lives. Even the driver did his best to help. If you see an accident and you can help, do so. The law is on your side.

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