Florida Keys Woman Arrested after Domestic Dispute Leads to DUI

When you’re in an altercation with someone who is drunk, it’s important to make sure that they don’t have access to motor vehicles. Sober people need to prevent drunk people from getting behind the wheel. Sometimes you might have to take extraordinary measures.

A recent news story from the Keys talks about a domestic dispute involving a drunken woman. Teresa Week’s husband was furious that his wife had been drinking. A fight broke out and the husband called the authorities. He told the authorities that he was going to leave the house and that he was taking the keys to the vehicles with him so his wife wouldn’t drive away.

However, somehow Teresa got ahold of some keys and managed to take her husband’s SUV and crash it into a set of mangrove trees.  A passerby pulled Weeks out of the smoking wreckages. She was trying to accelerate to free the vehicle. Apparently she was so intoxicated that she had no idea what she had done. After failing field sobriety tests, Weeks was taken away for DUI. This is her fifth booking into jail since May of 2011.

We don’t know all the details in this case, but if you’re in a position to prevent a drunk driver from getting onto the road then you need to take action. Offer cab rides, be a designated driver, or even take their keys away. Don’t let them out of your sight until you know they are safe. If they become agitated or violent, call the police and let them handle the situation.

If you become injured due to the actions of a drunk driver, then they need to pay for their crimes. The criminal justice system has plenty of actions they can take against people who can’t hold their liquor. However, you may need more than that to cover your medical expenses. If you have been injured in an accident, call our law office today to schedule a free consultation. All information given will be held in strictest confidence. We will provide you a fair assessment of your case and tell you if it is worth pursuing or not.