Five Killed in Three-Car Incident near Bunnell

An intense crash happened in Flagler County in North Florida. Five people were killed in the three-car incident. Here’s what we know.

Near the town of Bunnell on U.S. 1, a car turned in front of a truck. The truck slammed into the side of the car on the driver’s side and killed all five people inside the car. The driver of the truck was uninjured, but two of the passengers in the truck were. One of them was a young girl. A third vehicle also got tangled in the crash when the vehicles slid from the impact. That driver was also taken to the hospital.

The police and the insurance companies will be keenly interested in what happened. Did either of the vehicles turn illegally, or were driving too fast? Who will be eligible to receive compensation? We don’t know the full situation, so we cannot comment on who deserves what in this particular case, but we hope that it comes to as satisfying of a resolution as possible.

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