Fatal Wrong-Way Wreck On I-95

The Florida Highway Patrol received multiple calls regarding a vehicle traveling the wrong way on I-95 just moments before a fatal crash early Saturday morning.

According to a news story that appeared on Miami’s CBS local website many of those calls were regarding a white or silver vehicle driving the wrong way down the highway.

Sgt. Lazaro Castano of the Florida Highway Patrol Officer said in an interview that the FHP received the calls and the crash occurred just prior to patrolmen having arrived on the scene.

The wrong way driver struck another vehicle head-on. The accident left one man, a resident of Hollywood dead, and another man visiting from Georgia critically injured. The occupants of both vehicles had been wearing their seatbelts at the time of the fatal accident.

Florida Highway Patrol investigators have yet to release the names of those involved in the accident. No word has been given as to whether or not alcohol may have been directly related to the fatal crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board indicated in a recent report released in 2017 estimates that 260 wrong-way crashes occur each year. Though this figure makes up just two percent of all automobile accidents in the United States, wrong-way crashes almost always result in serious injuries and an estimated 360 fatalities annually.