Family Sues Lime For Scooter Accident

Climate change is on almost everyone’s mind these days. Communities across the country are helping people to save money and opt toward renewable energy and transportation options. Some do this by renting out vehicles to members of the community to use for short trips around town. A South Florida company, however, is now facing a lawsuit after a young woman who rented one of their vehicles in December was struck by a motorist and has been left in a coma.

The NBC affiliate in Miami reports that the family of 28-year-old Ashanti Jordan is suing a company that rents out the dockless electronic scooters. They allege that the company is responsible for an accident that has left Jordan in a vegetative state.

Jordan had rented the scooter from Lime on December 28th when she was struck by a car. Jordan was left with a fractured skull, severe brain trauma, and several fractured ribs. Ashanti Jordan is still currently in a coma.

The attorney for Jordan and her family, Todd Falzone, said in a press conference that the electric scooters like the one that Jordan was riding are dangerous. Also, they allege that the rental company, Lime, is in clear violation of the law when it tells those who rent their scooters to stay off of sidewalks. The law currently states that scooters are prohibited on streets, bike lanes or paths and should be operated on sidewalks.

Lime said in a statement that the safety of their riders is “their highest priority.” Lime also said in their released statement that they are committed to making the streets safer by working with local governments to support safe infrastructure for scooters and bikes.