Family Demands Hit And Run Driver Come Forward

Finding a hit and run driver can be tough. Once the news of their crimes hits the airwaves, some people do go into hiding. One family is demanding that the person responsible for their hit and run accident come forward and turn themselves in. NBC Miami explains.

The accident caused permanent brain damage to an infant in the vehicle. The mother had just taken the child, just days old, out of the car seat to feed it. The impact caused the baby to fly out of the vehicle. It is a miracle that the child is still alive.

Now the child requires round-the-clock care and suffers from frequent seizures. The family wants to see justice done and has put out information to the media. To learn more about the vehicle they say was involved and to contact Crime Stoppers, see the full article at NBC Miami.

Hit and run drivers should come forward. It’s the responsible thing to do. If you are in an accident you need to stop and render aid. If you do not, you put yourself at risk for criminal and civil charges.

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