Express Lanes are a Hazard, not a Help

Does anyone like the express lanes on I-95? Those flimsy poles don’t stop people from diving into the lanes. Now the state is starting to get lawsuits about the shoddy safety measures used to separate the express lanes from the rest of the interstate.

CBS Miami reports that a young woman had her leg crushed when a car dived into the express lanes and crashed into her and a friend, both of whom were riding motorcycles. The car came through the orange safety pins. Now the woman is suing the driver, the contractor that installed the safety pins, and the Florida Department of Transportation for the incident.

Doctors had to amputate the leg above the knee after the crash to save the woman’s life. The woman’s friend underwent traction and had a lot of nerve damage. Neither can look at I-95 without reliving the incident.

There have been 12,192 crashes in the express lanes within a three-year period according to the FHP. Lane diving is a common cause. Some upgrades have happened, such as installing sturdier poles, but not all areas have received the extra protection, including where this incident happened. Some lawmakers want to remove the express lanes entirely due to their threat to public safety.

Regardless, those injured by irresponsible drivers and unsafe driving conditions caused by humans should receive compensation for their injuries. We hope that the woman injured in this case does get the money she needs.

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