Dual Dog Attack Injures Woman, Kills Chihuahua

download (52)A woman has been injured and is now recovering after she and her dog were attacked by two other dogs.

According to authorities, Ada Rojas, 83, was walking her five-pound chihuahua, Gucci, when the pair were attacked by two other larger dogs.

A neighbor who was nearby heard barking and Rojas’ cries for help. The neighbor ran to Rojas’ aid, swinging a belt in an attempt to get the dogs away from her and her dog.

Gucci died at the scene of the attack just before Rojas’ husband and daughter arrived on the scene.

The stress of the attack also caused Rojas’ husband to suffer a heart attack, According to Rojas’ daughter, her father picked up the dog and walked him to the home and then suffered the heart attack in the living room of their home.

The two dogs that attacked Rojas and Gucci have been impounded and are currently under quarantine. Both dogs have been implanted chips. The owners are currently being sought by Animal Services.

Owning any pet carries a great deal of responsibility. They not only have to be properly fed, watered and cared for in an human and consciensious manner, but insuring their safety and the safety of others also comes as a responsibility, too. Dogs, by their very nature are pack animals and when banded together can often get into trouble and attack people and other animals. The owners of the dogs in this case, definitely have a responsibility for what happened to the Rojas family.

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