Driver Crashes Through Arcade Window, Injures Seven

We expect to be safe from cars when we’re inside of a building, but sometimes a driver can lose control and smash through a window. That’s what happened at an arcade in Delray Beach. CBS Miami has the story.

The crash happened last Sunday. Seven people were injured in the crash, including the older driver. Two were treated at the scene. The rest were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Police do not know why the older gentleman swerved off the road and hit the arcade, but one thing is clear. They are responsible. We hope that the arcade has insurance to repair the building and that the injured individuals get the compensation they deserve.

Arcades are for having fun and playing racing games, not to worry about getting hit by a car in real life. One would expect to get injured from falling or playing a physical game in there rather than from a car!

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