Driver Charges For Hit-and-run Crash That Killed Teen In Bal Harbour

The journey to track down a hit-and-run driver can be long, and sometimes the police find they’ve already arrested the driver under other circumstances. A case reported by the Miami Herald is an example of this.

In August 2020, a hit-and-run accident killed a teen bicyclist as he was crossing Collins Avenue. A 2018 silver Kia Optima hit the child, continued north on the road, then made a U-turn past the scene and drove off. Witnesses to the crash followed the car and got the tag number.

Using the tag number, the police found the owner. However, the owner said that his roommate borrowed the car and called him to tell him about the crash. The owner of the vehicle named the driver and handed over contact information. The next day, the police found the vehicle abandoned with a broken windshield, thanks to an anonymous tip.

Later, in December, another witness to the crash said that the suspect driver had contacted him after the crash for help to repair the Kia. Further research from red light cameras and cellphone GPS placed the driver at the scene.

In June, a person identified as the passenger in the Kia at the time of the crash said she told the driver to stop and call the police. She also told the detectives she was in fear for her life.

Last Thursday, the suspect driver was arrested on unrelated charges and held with no bail. Now, a judge has levied a $2 million bail on the driver for his possible role in the hit-and-run accident.