Dodge Charger Hits A Tent And A 3-Year-Old Boy Loses His Life

It’s a part of our nature as humans to want to lend a helping hand when someone is hurt or in trouble – especially if that person happens to be a child.

According to a report appearing on the CBS local website in Miami, on Valentine’s Day, a 3-year-old boy and his parents were set up at a roadside stand along the South Dixie Highway near Homestead when a Dodge Charger jumped the curb and hit the tent. The little boy was trapped underneath the vehicle.

A spokesperson for the Homestead Police Department said that the northbound driver lost control of his vehicle.

Good Samaritan, Alex Correa, told CBS reporters that he heard screaming and ran over to see what he could do to help.   Along with the assistance of several others, the mechanic attempted to lift the car off the child.

A  coworker from the garage where Correa works attempted to wheel a heavy-duty jack across the road to help. However, by that time he got there, the child had been pulled out from underneath the vehicle.

The little boy was transported by air to Kendall Regional Hospital. Despite the doctor’s best efforts to save him, the child died as the result of injuries he suffered in the crash.

The Florida Highway Patrol reports that the driver of the Charger, who was visibly upset at what had happened, remained at the scene of the accident.

The cause of the crash is still currently under investigation. So far, no charges have been filed against the driver.