Distracted Driver Crashes into House

Distraction was the cause of an accident which caused a driver to crash his vehicle into a Hollywood home on Friday morning.

According to official investigations, the driver of the vehicle pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake when he became distracted by officials responding to a call in the area.  As a result, the driver crashed his car into a home located in the neighborhood.

The impact of the crash caused heavy damage to the front of the structure.  No one inside the house was hurt. The driver suffered minor injuries in the incident and was treated at the scene.

Because your home is your largest and probably most important asset, taking good care of it and preventing accidents is very important to you. Your home should always be a place of both safety and security. Because you make your property your own safe haven, you should never have to worry about an accident involving an automobile happening while you’re inside.

If your home or other property has been damaged, or if you have experienced a loss due to a distracted or even a drunk driver, give our offices a call. Our attorneys have years of experience in recovering restitution for damages resulting from the accidents involving drunk drivers. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, we can also help you sort through your insurance concerns. If the case involves a drunk driver, our attorneys have years of experience in the Miami-Dade Courts. Our experienced lawyers will take the time and discuss with you at length the details of your case. Your initial consultation with our office is free.